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Hey – Look Down!

P1050664gwThis is a picture of mosaic tiles on the floor of the The Dom (Cologne Cathedral.)  The cathedral is an amazing feat in architecture.  Just studying the floor is a fascinating endeavor – and then you look up. . .

Construction on this cathedral started in 1248!  And has continued to continual renovation today.  I don’t know exactly how old this tile is, but wow.  How many feet have walked on it? Whose feet walked on it?

Roman Wall In Cologne

P1050796 gWhenever I take a picture, I always try to shoot from an angle that pulls in the bigger picture. I took this picture on a beautiful, partly cloudy day that I will remember because of the glimpses of blue in the sky. When visiting recently, I saw many sections of walls and buildings that stand still from centuries ago while the city crops up around it in today’s busy world.  Old and new.