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Announcing. . . ARTPRIZE EIGHT

Tree In Winter










I will be at ARTPRIZE EIGHT this year.  I’m very excited to announce that my art will be on display at Cornerstone Church – Heritage Hill.

My Entry is called “Abstract and Reality in Beeswax” – here’s the description

This exhibit “Abstract and Reality in Beeswax” celebrates the contrast between two styles of painting with the same medium. Both pictures evoke feelings of seasons; summer in an abstract form and winter in a realistic form. Each are different, but each displaying God’s beauty in color and our world. We too are each different, and appreciated and loved by God.

My pictures are bigger this year – each are 2′ x 2′.

More to come over the next few months!  (ArtPrize is in September)



Is that the same picture?


This is “Orange”, an 8 x 10″ encaustic painting.  I’ve included two pictures of the same piece to show how different a painting can look given the lighting and angles of any picture taken.

As with all paintings, I had fun with this picture by creating texture. Not only did I apply various shades with high heat to blend, I finished with texture by pressing a “swifter” pad into the hot wax and pulling away – to create the little bumps that you can see.  I also used an eyedropper to drop spots of orange as a finishing touch.