Art Interpretation


An Interpretation

Upon reflection, the passages of life
Can be seen as clearly as these blocks of color.

Solid, unique, each standing on its own; yet complete together;
Every passage leaving its mark on our lives, building our uniqueness.

Could we be who we are without any one of the colors,
Each vibrant, crying out its story, some of pain, some of joy?

Would we choose, when all is said and done,
To live without the passages of our hearts, our souls, our being?


2 thoughts on “Art Interpretation

  1. Jerry

    We live in and through our passages. It is a gift when we can occasionally stand outside of them and appriciate the wide wild spectrum of the total.

    1. sallystap Post author

      I absolutely agree. I wrote that for a friend’s birthday about 15 years ago and it still stands.


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