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Shades of Blue

Shades of blue 8 x 10

Sometimes when I paint, I use many colors to give a picture character. Other times, like when I painted this picture, I use one color, perhaps in several shades. Between layering, scraping, pushing or pulling the iron that I use – I ended up with a character filled picture with only one color.

At times in life I try to use too many colors – when only one will do. One activity, one accomplishment, or one quiet moment.

Just a stop on the journey



I took this picture in Idaho. Just passing through on the way to the beautiful and scenic state of Montana.  What?  Sometimes I am heading toward a destination so intently that I I fail to see the beauty of the journey. This is one beautiful spot – the South Fork of the Snake River.

I enjoyed the journey that day and was happy to have stopped to see the river.



I painted this picture as a gift when I just just starting to play with encaustic painting. It seemed kind of like most other pictures that I was making at the time, until I drew some lines throughout it. The lines made it looked like it was full of cracks.  Yes, satisfaction.

Sometimes life has a lot of cracks in it.  It’s still beautiful.

Sometimes it’s just fun to throw a fish around

IMG_8267 gSeveral years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands for a trip of a lifetime. It was so cool to see all the amazing wildlife up close in their environment.  People were just bystanders that the animals ignored – or yawned at.  This sea lion was having the time of his life playing with his food. He wasn’t worried about the next fish, just enjoying the one he had.

It reminded me to life life in the moment. Enjoy, relax, chill. . .

Is anything really random?


A part of encaustic painting that is unique is removal of wax adding to the overall picture. This is a picture that I did mixing red and green. I finished it by randomly scraping in s-shaped lines to expose shades below the surface.

Sometimes I find that ridding my life of things adds to the overall quality and beauty of life.  Know what I mean?


fence 3 x 3

Sometimes I feel like I need to stretch a bit and experiment. I had a day like that recently.  With encaustic art, that’s easy to do. If something isn’t working, just melt it and try something new.

In life I find it important to recognize ruts and equally important to decide when to get out of one.

I felt fenced in.  After experimenting, the world opened up more. . . tee hee

Repurpose and give new life

This is a picture that I’m fond of.

It is a frame that I was given and was clearly made in the 80’s?  It had pink flowers, pink trim, and was just all pink.

I put a new picture in it and gave the matting new life with green and orange trim.  I enjoy picturing the difference from old the new in my mind. I wish I’d taken a picture before I started.

It will find a perfect home. .. until it becomes outdated again. Maybe I’ll still be around to give it another go around. 🙂



For some reason, I find myself posting pictures that weren’t quite perfect.

This picture is one that I love because it reminds me of a great summer vacation with family. It reminds me of the beauty and tranquility of early morning.

It’s a bit washed out (technically), but the reflection of the trees and river are stunning to me.

Perfect memories captured.