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Just a stop on the journey



I took this picture in Idaho. Just passing through on the way to the beautiful and scenic state of Montana.  What?  Sometimes I am heading toward a destination so intently that I I fail to see the beauty of the journey. This is one beautiful spot – the South Fork of the Snake River.

I enjoyed the journey that day and was happy to have stopped to see the river.

Sometimes it’s just fun to throw a fish around

IMG_8267 gSeveral years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands for a trip of a lifetime. It was so cool to see all the amazing wildlife up close in their environment.  People were just bystanders that the animals ignored – or yawned at.  This sea lion was having the time of his life playing with his food. He wasn’t worried about the next fish, just enjoying the one he had.

It reminded me to life life in the moment. Enjoy, relax, chill. . .



For some reason, I find myself posting pictures that weren’t quite perfect.

This picture is one that I love because it reminds me of a great summer vacation with family. It reminds me of the beauty and tranquility of early morning.

It’s a bit washed out (technically), but the reflection of the trees and river are stunning to me.

Perfect memories captured.

From the Air

This is a picture of the great barrier reef from the sky. The blues and greens were amazing as I took this picture. You can see a small sandbar above the waterline. Each day, parts of the reef are exposed during low tide and then slip below the surface as the tide rises.

This picture is a bit flawed due to reflection of glass, but it captures the beauty enough for me. Interesting point.  We also are not perfect, but are beautiful in the eyes of God and those in our lives that love us.  We are good enough.

Hey – Look Down!

P1050664gwThis is a picture of mosaic tiles on the floor of the The Dom (Cologne Cathedral.)  The cathedral is an amazing feat in architecture.  Just studying the floor is a fascinating endeavor – and then you look up. . .

Construction on this cathedral started in 1248!  And has continued to continual renovation today.  I don’t know exactly how old this tile is, but wow.  How many feet have walked on it? Whose feet walked on it?

Roman Wall In Cologne

P1050796 gWhenever I take a picture, I always try to shoot from an angle that pulls in the bigger picture. I took this picture on a beautiful, partly cloudy day that I will remember because of the glimpses of blue in the sky. When visiting recently, I saw many sections of walls and buildings that stand still from centuries ago while the city crops up around it in today’s busy world.  Old and new.